Without education, children are socially and developmentally marginalized and without employable skills, doomed to follow their parents into poverty. We believe that education and vocational training are the way to break the cycle of poverty. We do this for-

  • Spreading awareness and opening new horizons for children.
  • Give children life skills and build path to financial independence
  • We are committed to children in our care & pursue sustainable education


Meals For Under Priviliged Children.

Good health is a key to Good education and self nurture of children. Good health is dependent on healthy and balance diet which is dream for underprivileged children. Most children face malnutrition, so our very first aim is to raise awareness about the benefits of education and healthy meals. By keeping this in mind, Namuwo Children`s Ministry runs several programs with the twin goals to prevent disease and provide access to meals. Improving the health of children and mothers is a primary focus.

Programs include ensuring the meals for underprivileged children in our centres, educating mothers about nutrition and family planning and holding community health and nutrition camps.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) 

To promote water hygiene and facility we work with many local water and sanitation committees to oversee the maintenance of water bodies and water points. We work simultaneously with them to promote sustainability among water related programmes. We organize campaigns to promote safe water, Prevent water, sanitation and hygiene practices among slum areas. We work on many ideas and research on new sanitation products, ideas and tools.