Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child allows you to witness first-hand the impact of your donation, allowing you to follow the growth and success of an abandoned . Student sponsors and charitable donations are the backbone of our organization and we are always looking to grow the Namuwo Children`s Ministry family! 

We support, ranging from $300-$3000 per year (or $25-250 per month), and donations can be made annually or monthly. Students can be sponsored by individuals, families or groups, and you will receive updates about your student’s progress and well-being. Please contact us at hassanweere0@gmail.com to request a list of students in need of support.

 we have three primary education programs that provide different levels of educational support, care and mentorship to help impoverished children and empower their future.

If you want to donate via account details use these details

western union


Authorized administrators: Hassan Weere

Country: UGANDA

Tel:  +256 789 755178

Email: hassanweere0@gmail.com